About Hubitus

Ever felt that life is a series of excuses NOT to write?
Its ok, you’re not alone.

Hubitus is a virtual hub for people who need to sit down and write but seem to find it difficult to actually do so.

In Hubitus you will receive time management tools, creativity boosts and most importantly, a supportive writing-focused community.

It doesn’t matter if your working on an essay, a blog post, a poem or a story, we are here to WRITE BESIDE YOU no matter where you are or how close your deadline is

So drop your excuses, join Hubitus and start writing!


A few words about The Spaces we Write in, the Hubitus blog:

Writing can take us anywhere at any given time, but it still has to take place HERE and NOW. It can occur during a lunch break, in the middle of the night, while seated at a wooden desk with the door closed or in a crowded café, surrounded by the sounds of the main street.

The Spaces we Write in wishes to take you beyond the page, to the places where writers write, and invites you to be inspired by the prosaic habits that lie behind the words.

Want to show us where YOU write?

Drop us a line at hubitus@hubitus.com and we’ll be in touch in no time.



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