How to Write About the Space You Write in

Hi there writer!

I’m so happy you’ve decided to write a blog post about the space you write in! I can’t wait to see it, read it, discover you as a writer and basically go through your stuff and learn about the small weird things that put you in the writing zone (with your permission of course…).

To make it easier on you (or harder, I guess it depends on what type of writer you are) I have prepared a template that describes the post format. So all you have to do is write according to the guidelines below (which means putting yourself and your writing space out there for the world to see and learn from). When you finish writing, email your text to me at and I’ll get your post up as fast as I can.

But before we get down to business let me introduce myself:

I’m Ella, Co-founder & CMO of Hubitus, and this is the space I write in. I must confess that writing a post about my writing space wasn’t easy. I procrastinated like crazy and it probably wouldn’t have been written if it wasn’t for the incessant nagging from my CEO & Co-founder Adi. By the way, our 3rd Co-founder & CTO – Nami – hasn’t written his post yet. He’s too busy programming (or so he says…).

Anyway, as I was saying, writing about my writing space was indeed a challenge, BUT it paid off. Not only did I publish something that I wrote, I also had an inspiring and focusing writing experience that helped me re-connect with my love for writing and took me to places of creativity and playfulness. I was also quite impressed by the techniques I discovered I have in order to make myself write.

So, what I’m trying to say is GO FOR IT. Look at the space you write in. Stare at it. Ivestigate it as if you’ve never seen it before. Reflect upon it. Write about it while you are in it. Let your words go wild. And then after letting it rest and re-reading or doing whatever it is you have to do in order to be ready to publish, share it here with us. As a fellow writer and writing instructor I can honestly say that this is a great writing exercise. And I’m here for you if you need a push or some nagging or incouragement or even a deadline (send it in by tomorrow or else…).

Let us begin:

Please note that this is NOT an interactive form (well. Not yet…), so use your good old word processor and send me your post via email ( I’ll get back to you real quick, promise!

First of all, tell me who you are:

(Your full name) – The Space I write In

photo of you

Write a few sentences about yourself. It can be a short conventional bio or something weird/creative, whatever you feel like. You can also add links to your social or professional profile, to your writing, or to anything that you wish to promote and seems relevant.

Now show me where you write:

Capture workspace ppt

Your next mission is to describe the main elements in your writing space in list form. The description can be functional, metaphorical, associative, or anything else. The goal is for you to describe your writing process and habits through your physical writing space.

Here too, feel free to add links to your work & writing, and to anything that inspires you or seems relevant.

So if we continue with the example in the pic above, it would look something like this:

1. A Soft Pillow
I got this pillow from an old friend I have lost contact with. I use it to prop my head up while writing. Etc…

2. My Bed
This is where I’m most comfortable. On the one hand, I feel safe here, and on the other hand I feel close to my craziest dreams, so I can be creative and write freely. Etc…

3. Mess
All these papers on the bed make me feel less lonely while writing. They include my morning pages, to do lists and some cool poems I found online and printed out… (Here you could add a link to a poem or explain about morning pages or bring up something that your mess reminds you…anything goes)

4. Laptop
Last but not least, my loyal old writing tool. What would I do without it. Somehow it knows to breakdown just when I think I have nothing more to say. Etc…

I think you get the point… The list can of course be much longer. You can describe as many items as you wish and the length of text regarding each item is up to you as well. Number of words: somewhere between 500-1000 give or take.

Here’s a link to our most recent posts if you wish to check them out.

Have fun and you’re welcome to contact me for further details, support, encouragement and\or advice.

Really, feel free.

Ella –



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